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Grandma Moses, first a farm-hand, then a wife and mother, started embroidering after her husband died but was thwarted by arthritis. Her daughter encouraged her to engage with her childhood love of painting, which was easier on her hands.

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She started at age 78 and won international acclaim with 15 one-woman shows in Europe. She continued painting until her death in , at But creativity is not just a bastion of famous people.

2. Start Early

Despite the challenges of fundraising and the sheer amount of work, Malkind has persevered producing the festival every year since It was the first time I ever had a pain in my back. Before that, she spent 10 years at a Chicago ballet school as office manager, photographer and publicist. Even though the three-day festival was a success, Bersing decided her interests lay elsewhere. Photo by Gene Cohn. Creative potential is the ability to produce new ideas, according to Dean Keith Simonton, a University of California-Davis psychology professor emeritus and the author of more than a dozen books on intelligence and creativity.

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That easily describes retired carpenter Stuart Habley, I get easily distracted. Habley, who collaborates with his wife, has a film studio in his basement. He calls his website Hableywood. Beau Takahara, 73, turned to drawing and painting in childhood as a way to cope with a difficult life.

The Creativity Post | Tips on How to Become More Creative

My family encouraged me. But by her 60s, Takahara yearned to make her own art again. I wanted to show that on film. Richmond District resident Charlene Anderson, 75, has always been writing, even when she worked. At a writing class at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in , she met Mike Lambert, who had published an online literary magazine when living in a retirement community in the Sierras. An issue last year included an account of her time at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. If you feel like doing it, really do it. Creativity is the flame that heats the human spirit and kindles our desire for inner growth and self-expression, Cohen wrote.

Sunset district resident Kaaren Staunch Brown, 82, sticks to a writing schedule of two hours each morning. Drawn to science fiction and mystery, Brown aspires to emulate the late science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin, whom she admires for her tough-minded, feminist bent. They create their own deadlines, no matter how irrational or ridiculous they are. The way to transfer your ability to deliver on time from work that pays the bills to work that, hopefully, one day will is to transfer the idea of deadlines.

In front of a deadline-backdrop, daily creation makes a lot more sense.

The amateur tries to sync his art with inspiration. The pro knows that inspiration will sync with him once he sits down in his chair. And while pressure gets you going, habits keep you going. They allow you to dance with the deadlines. Suddenly, the question is not if you can deliver, but how much. According to Stanford researcher BJ Fogg , whether a behavior happens or not depends on the product of motivation and ability you have when something triggers that behavior. As a result, James Clear says ,.

To disproportionately tweak the equation in favor of your ability, James suggests the two-minute rule :. A new habit should not feel like a challenge. The actions that follow can be challenging, but the first two minutes should be easy. Focusing on one sentence a day, one brush stroke a day, one chord a day is the ultimate antidote to overwhelm. Starting slow and letting the momentum build naturally lies right between being unproductive, demotivated, and unhappy and being too excited , taking on too much, and quitting.

The mundane, boring, easy alternative always works , but because it is, few people choose it over and over again until it compounds. Hemingway always ended in the middle of a sentence :. I always worked until I had something done, and I always stopped when I knew what was going to happen next. That way I could be sure of going on the next day.

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  • Innovation is never a singular event. Great ideas might be the gold in the river, but they too are the result of a long, methodical, meandering process.

    Have deadlines, write daily, and always forgive yourself

    That process is always running , so you can tap into it whenever. You know what else Hemingway said? He said start small. Write the truest sentence that you know.

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    101 Tips on How to Become More Creative

    As such, everything you do is productive. Everything you do is productive. It all matters. Everything matters. Every minute you sleep counts. Every minute you spend watching a movie, lying sick in bed, thinking about friendship, eating pasta, and staring desperately at a blank screen — counts. So be kind to yourself.

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    Be kind to yourself. All at once, all the time. Like Brianna Wiest says :. You are creating cells and thoughts as you read this. You are creating Co2 as you exhale. Every time you work, you are creating money, you are creating skill. You are always creating.