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Jupiter is intelligent and stocky, and has a remarkable memory and deductive skills. Jupiter's parents professional ballroom dancers died in a car crash when he was four years old. He now lives with his uncle, Titus Jones and Aunt Mathilda, who manage a scrapyard. Jupiter's past acting ability benefits him frequently in mysteries because he can act older than he is, perform imitations of people when necessary and act less intelligent to extract information from potential suspects. Jupiter is a prolific reader and inventor and frequently invents a device that simplifies solving a mystery.

Jupiter has a knack for usually thinking about clues correctly to solve an otherwise unsolvable mystery. He also likes to play pranks on the other two investigators. Because of his intellectual side, Jupe is adept at using big words and frequently uses them to his advantage, particularly to seem older, annoy Pete, and startle adults.

Jupe hates to dismiss an unsolved mystery, which frequently means that he drags Bob and Pete along for the ride. Peter "Pete" Crenshaw , Second Investigator—Pete is an athletic youth who dislikes dangerous situations, but is nonetheless reliable as the "action member" of the team. Pete loves and cares for animals, and is fond of uttering the exclamation "Gleeps! His father works as a film technician for special effects in Hollywood.

Pete is a frequent companion of Jupiter on stake-outs and other field trips, particularly in the earlier mysteries, when Bob is unavailable. While he may not have the intellectual ability of Jupiter, Pete is nonetheless considered as an equal in the stories and is able to point out Jupiter's own shortcomings usually in a comical fashion. He is also capable of making deductions and sometimes serves as the clue-bearer instead of Bob.

He has an excellent sense of direction, as in The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot. Depending on the case, Bob's father is a sportswriter , business journalist , or political journalist , and occasionally helps The Three Investigators in some of their cases. Early in the series, Bob is hampered physically by a leg brace he wore, due to multiple fractures inflicted when he rolled down a hill. This handicap relegated him to a more studious and less physical involvement.

Bob works part-time in the local library , suiting his role as data collector. Bob also serves as the clue-bearer for many of the adventures, because of his research at the library. Bob's leg brace is removed between the end of Whispering Mummy and the beginning of Green Ghost. The office of the Three Investigators is a house trailer, hidden among the piles of scrap at the edge of Uncle Titus' scrapyard.


The house trailer has multiple secret exits, a small lab, a darkroom , and an office with a phone, typewriter, and reference works. Many other utensils, such as a tape recorder or a periscope , were built by Jupiter who used spare parts found in the scrapyard. Arthur sold the international exploitation rights to the publishing house Random House.


However, the copyright remained with him. The contract included the rights to publish books, films, comics and mechanical sound reproduction. Since there was no significant audio book market at that time, it is legally not clearly determinable and therefore doubtful whether this "mechanical sound reproduction" describes the medium of audio books or radio plays as they exist now.

The Franckh-Kosmos publisher of Random House acquired the German-speaking exploitation rights in After Robert Arthur's death in , the copyrights were given to the University of Michigan. In his testimony , Arthur declared that "all rights, legal titles and stakes, [he] owned by the time of [his] death, concerning all published books, short stories, plays or unpublished manuscripts, including all issued copyright claims, just as all rights for license fees and subsidiary rights, as it is specified in his contracts with publishers" were to be given to the University of Michigan.

This is said to mainly be for fiscal reasons because legacies given to education establishments avoid inheritance taxes. Since then Random House had been paying royalties to the university, but they stopped doing so as of , because it was not clear whether the University of Michigan still had a legal entitlement.

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The American copyright law said that literature, which received a copyright before , had a safeguard clause, which made sure that all licenses automatically returned to the author or his heirs after 28 years. As a result of that, Random House and Arthur's heirs, his children Elizabeth Ann Arthur and Robert Andrew Arthur, signed a contract for the rights of use of the volumes of Arthur and the further usage of the characters, under the condition that the 10 books were to be brought back onto the American market. After the series was discontinued in the US in , Kosmos Verlag sought the rights to continue the series in Germany with German authors, and in signed a corresponding contract with Random House without the consent of Arthur's heirs.

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  5. In , Random House returned the rights of the ten volumes to Robert Arthur's heirs after the publisher failed to comply with the agreed republications of the works. In , however, Kosmos-Verlag had already registered the word mark "Die Drei??? Negotiations between Kosmos Verlag and the heirs on a new usage rights agreement failed because Kosmos relied on its trademark registration and ongoing agreements with Random House. Furthermore, Kosmos doubted that Arthur's heirs were the right holders since according to Arthur's will, all rights were to be transferred to the University of Michigan.

    At the end of , Random House and Kosmos signed an extensive agreement to transfer all rights to the other American novels not written by Arthur to Kosmos Verlag. Due to the unclear legal situation, EUROPA decided at the beginning of not to publish any further episodes based on the book templates of Kosmos Verlag and discontinued the license payments to Kosmos. In , the parent company of the European label Sony Music Entertainment formerly Sony BMG finally gained all the German rights on Arthur's creations and the use of the original characters and showplaces independently from Kosmos publishing house of Robert Arthur's successors.

    The contract contained the right to order new books in German, as well as the right to evaluate the sound storage medium.

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    Moreover, all were transferred: from "[ The Kosmos publishing house continued its series of books under well-known titles and with famous character's names. The society filed a lawsuit against the Kosmos publishing house because Sony BMG itself saw its exploitation rights violated. Because of this, the two books had to be taken off the market retroactively. The judges were unable to identify Robert Arthur's children as the rightful owners of the copyright law.

    They found that the University of Michigan rightfully inherited the works of Robert Arthur and his characters, meaning that his heirs could not have transferred the rights to Sony BMG. A due date was set for the complainant of Sony BMG to submit the new chain-of-title as well as the new contracts as they were available to her. The final release date of Episodes 7 and 8 was 30 November On February 13, , Sony BMG announced that they had come to an agreement with Kosmos, predating a joint press release on the following day.

    The rights to the books as well as the brand name, which were the foundation for the audio dramas remained with Kosmos as well as all other publishing products, including calendars, non-fiction literature, mobile and computer games, science kits and board games. The rights to use audio material with the inclusion of the entire catalog as well as stage shows, plays and the commercialization of merchandise remain with the record label Europa.

    The already published audio play episodes were sold by the previous license holder USM until late The contents of the stories were thus tailored to be more suitable for children and to be less complex.

    Besides, with an age of only ten years, the young detectives are considerably younger than in the current episodes of the original series. The Three Investigators has also been published in Bangladesh by Sheba Prokashoni as Tin Goyenda translated by Rakib Hasan since the s and appealed to many young Bangladeshi readers until s. The stories are generally set in Rocky Beach, California, although the investigators travel to exotic places like Africa and Bangladesh on occasions.


    Empty Hearts | New Books in German

    She also owns a pet dog in The Famous Five series, named Timmy. Nearly books have been published by now. In Denmark, 13 books were published from —70 by Hasselbalch under the title " Alfred Hitchcock og De tre Detektiver " [3]. Throughout the s and s, the series continued. As a whole, 37 volumes including four of the Crimebusters series has been published. The Three Investigators books have always been very popular in Germany. They are known there as Die drei??? Bob Andrews retained his original name. The chauffeur's name is Morton. In the Random House publishing company and the Kosmos publishing company started to publish the translated 43 original books.

    In the German publisher Europa started a radio drama based on those original 43 books. In Kosmos started to publish new written books by German authors which were and still are continued as radio dramas in Germany. All in all, this would result in a canon of over books 6 books per year, 3 during spring and 3 during autumn and radio dramas published as of December Because of a litigation between Europa and Kosmos which disallowed the use of the names Europa used, they published a 9 episode radio drama named "DiE Dr3i" between and In total, the radio dramas have sold more than 45 million copies and the books about 16 million copies in Germany The radio actors, who have been narrating the plays since , toured the country multiple times to perform plays in front of a live-audience.

    In the booklet of the German audio play The Mystery of the Invisible Dog , the episode upon which it was based is credited erroneously to Nick West. New English-language Three Investigators titles were released during for the first time since As of May , a total of seven German stories had been translated and published in this format, and an eighth title was planned for publication during October In a similar way as the original, the book series contains stories about a teenage detective trio, only this time consisting of three girls; the stories take place in a big German city.

    These were published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama the biggest book publisher in Indonesia , Jakarta from the s to In Italy, the Three Investigators novels have been published in paperback form by Mondadori, during the s and s, within their Il giallo dei ragazzi series, which included the Hardy Boys , Nancy Drew and other juvenile sleuths' adventures. Win a Copy of This Book.

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    Empty Hearts by Juli Zeh ,. John Cullen Translation. A few years from now, the world is an even more uncertain place than it is today, and politics everywhere is marching rightward: Trump is gone, but Br A few years from now, the world is an even more uncertain place than it is today, and politics everywhere is marching rightward: Trump is gone, but Brexit is complete, as is Frexit; there's a global financial crisis, armed conflict, mass migration, and an ultrapopulist movement governs in Germany. With their democracy facing the wrecking ball, most well-off Germans turn inward, focusing on their own lives.

    Britta ignores the daily news and concentrates on her family and her work running a clinic specializing in suicide prevention. But her legitimate business is connected to a secret and far more lucrative operation known as The Bridge, an outfit that supplies terrorist organizations looking to employ suicide bombers. Using a complex candidate-identifying algorithm designed by Babak, Britta's only employee, The Bridge has effectively cornered the market, and terrorism almost never takes place without Britta's services—which is why news of a thwarted suicide attack in Leipzig comes as a shock.