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Dir en Grey is a dark band, playing some of the most electic rock you're likely to hear. Dir En Grey unknown.

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A good japanese band. When they first started they had a more visual, feminine style that reflected in the music and clothes.

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Over the years they have dropped the visual effects for a more masculine approach. As can be seen in the album "Vulgar". In they have totally dropped the visual kei gig. The music became heavier and more american influenced. They still sound good. Clint : I like Dir En Grey. Joe: Yes, i like them also. Dir en grey unknown. Dir en grey said to translate into "Coin in grey" , was founded February 2nd, by Niikura Kaoru.

This band is often called Diru or Deg by its fans.

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As fans should already know, Toshiya is the current bassist. Members are as follows: Kyo , prophet Kaoru, lead guitar he cheats when he plays Die, rhythm guitar Toshiya, bass Shinya , drums Back when the band was first becoming popular, it was considered a visual kei group. But as of late Diru has strayed away from its visual style, and gone on to a style with less guise. Their music has a hardcore, if you will, feel to it, and features a lot more screaming than singing.

dir en grey (ディル アン グレイ) lyrics

Their lives are wild and crazy. Kyo has been known to scratch himself on his chest until he bleeds, and will continually punch himself in the face until that too has blood pouring from it, and tends to smear it over himself. A bit messy. Drummer Shinya is absolutely amazing, and one would not have thought a human could possibly move like that. Kaoru cheats on his chords, but other than that, is simply amazing. He writes beautiful music as well. Die is a grand guitarist, and I personally think he should play lead.

Toshiya has mad bass playing skills, and they are enough to make anyone jealous. Dir en Grey were formed in early , essentially the indie collective La:Sadies with a new bassist -- Toshiya -- and a new name that was supposed to carry no other meaning than to designate the band. They started off with the EP Missa , which failed to stir things up much, but soon made themselves the talk of the country's music scene by becoming the first indie band to break into the Oricon singles Top Ten -- twice -- with "Jealous" and "I'll" in That brought them into the right hands: they attracted Yoshiki Hayashi, the drummer of the nation's prime metal act, X-Japan , and foster father to many a J-rock band, thanks to his Extasy Records label.

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  • Yoshiki produced all five singles that Dir en Grey released in , and that propelled the band into the big leagues: after these singles were compiled for their debut album, Gauze, Dir en Grey were signed by a major label. Their second album, Macabre , first signaled a drift away from their visual kei roots, living up to its name in mood and featuring an industrialized sound with screaming vocals.

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    Following their first foreign tour in China, Taiwan, and South Korea, and another LP, Kisou, in number three on Japanese charts , Dir en Grey opted for more change: their EP Six Ugly drew heavily on Western metal influences, which upset part of their older fan base. Still, the band persisted, exploring the metalcore sound and the darker side of life on their albums Vulgar , number six on the Oricon charts and Withering to Death , number eight on the Oricon charts. Those releases proved that the stylistic change had some merit, as Dir en Grey began to gain recognition in the Western hemisphere.

    In they charted in Europe for the first time, Withering to Death reaching number 31 in Finland their single "Clever Sleazoid" would later rise to number 15 there.

    belvamicboles.cf The band's popularity was initially founded on imports, Web rumors, and illegal downloads, but that proved to be enough: in they debuted in Berlin and Paris and later played the German festivals Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. Soon after that, Kyo's vocal cords became strained, leaving him hospitalized, but he recovered in time for Korn 's Family Values Tour, in which Dir en Grey participated. The band's sixth full-length album, The Marrow of a Bone, was out in , released in both Japan and America it reached number seven on the Oricon charts , and Dir en Grey promoted it by touring the U.

    Not forgetting their core audience, Dir en Grey toured Japan as well, delivering a two-night show with Linkin Park and doing a stint at the Hide memorial concert that also saw the appearance of X Japan and Luna Sea , among others. The fall of saw the release of their seventh album, Uroboros, in Japan, Europe, and America, followed by a U.

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    In , Dir en Grey co-headlined a North American tour with Apocalyptica , headlined their own Unwavering Fact of Tomorrow tour in Europe, and shared festival stages with the Stooges , the Cult , Korn , and numerous other bands. In January of , the band issued the single "Lotus," followed in June by a second, "Different Sense. Nearly three and a half years were to elapse before the band's next album.