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You know how The New Yorker likes to publish vaguely bizarre short stories that happen to take place in New York City? You know how lots of authors who want to show a character who is afraid of "real Cryptonomicon Highly Rated! This "cult" novel of mathematics, computer science, espionage and warfare follows a mathematician through World War II and his grandson through the creation of a less than ordinary silicon valley start-up company Cube This [film] concerns the attempt of six individuals to escape from a vast network of interlocking cubes, each room, and each wall, floor and ceiling identical.

The rooms vary in colour. Some are harmless; The Cube Root of Conquest An evil dictator's plan to destroy and conquer the world is based on the work of one of his scientists, which allows travel into complex components of time. In order to do this, one is required to solve The narrator of this novel is Christopher Boone, an autistic teenager who is trying to figure out who killed his neighbor's dog. Although Christopher is very good at math, he is not very good at understanding The Curve of the Snowflake A beautiful and brilliant woman organizes a team of scientists and a mathematician who together make fusion energy efficient and invent a flying submarine Cyberchase Highly Rated!

Three kids go inside "cyberspace" to help the maternal Mother Board fight the evil Hacker. Each episode, in addition to learning about computers, the kids have to develop their mathematical skills to The Cyberiad I was perusing your site and I happened to think of a great addition to your list. It's about the adventures of two super "inventors" The Cypher Bureau This work of historical fiction tells the story of Marian Rejewski, a Polish mathematician who used algebraic methods to break the Nazi Enigma code before the beginning of World War II.

Most of the book The Da Vinci Code The last act of a dying curator at the Louvre is an attempt to pass on, in code, a secret that he did not want to take to the grave. Among the things needed to "decode" this secret message is a recognition Damned Souls and Statistics A statistician sells her soul to the devil in exchange for guaranteed tenure, but redeems herself by creating a cleverly useless confidence interval. I like the part about the realization during her The Dangerous Dimension Ron Hubbard's first science fiction story, written at editor F Orlin Tremaine's request for something light, easy-reading, and humorous.

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In the story, Professor Henry Dante Dreams There is an interpretation of Dante's "Divine Comedy" as a mystical description of the universe as a hypersphere see "Dante and the 3-sphere" American Journal of Physics -- December -- Volume Dark as Day Alex Ligon, though unbelievably rich, chooses to work voluntarily at a government agency where his predictive models for the future of the human race based, he claims, on the principles of statistical Dark Integers Highly Rated!

The Dark Lord A multiple-murder mystery which outlandishly casts Newton in the role of Sherlock Holmes during his tenure as Warden at the British Royal Mint Watson is played Christopher Ellis, nephew of mathematician Dark of the Moon She is called a mathematician and is enthusiastic about the subject but The Dark Side of the Sun This humorous science fiction novel tells the tale of Dom Salabos, who believes he is destined to become "Chairman of the Board of Widdershins and heir to riches untold", but his allies familiar with p-math The Day the Earth Stood Still One must wonder how aliens might communicate with humans when and if they arrive on Earth.

This is a philosophical discourse intended as a parody, but I swear I've read serious papers that were very much like it in which the author argues that probablity theory makes no sense since it is Dead Ancients Trilogy Pythagoras explains in first person his celebrated theorem, complete with diagrams and shaded triangles.

It is a source of substantial chagrin to him because it naturally leads to the irrational numbers A Deadly Medley of Smedley Paradox Patrol officer Julie Anne Callender, with the help of her brother Gregorian and her uncle Newgate, track down yet again the timecrime master of evil Smedley Faversham and atrocious punmeister Dear Abbey This novel, which has not received many good reviews and appears only to have been published in Britain, involves a math professor who is a terrorist for environmentalist causes.

That the author chose Hasn't This Gone on Long Enough? An extremely witty, funny look at the psychology of a second-grader who hates mathematics.

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As she records her thoughts in her diary, you see glimpses of daily issues which irk and stagger a young child This is considered one of Borges' greatest short stories, and was even made into a film by "RepoMan" director Alex Cox. The following review from Alejandro Satz explains the mathematical content, but Death of a Doxy The murder victim's brother-in-law is a high school math teacher.

Nero Wolfe believes this to be relevant at one point, even quoting some mathematical history from an encyclopedia. A strangled body is found in a supposedly haunted library in England in the 's. It turns out to belong to Dr.

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Potter, a math professor known for being a stylish dandy as well as for his intelligence The Death of Archimedes As history usually tells the story, Archimedes is killed by a Roman soldier who did not realize who he was. In this version, however, the centurion is well aware of who he is speaking with. While he Death Qualified: A Mystery of Chaos The book only becomes science fiction towards the end. For most of it, it follows the format of a mystery in which there are several murders which remain mysterious to the reader until near to the end Deception The differential geometer who has discovered a formula for the lifetime of tiny black holes is the only decent character in this book.

That is not to say that the others are poorly written, just that Decoded This novel tells the story of Rong Jinzhen, a mathematical genius who becomes a cryptographer in Mao's secret intelligence agency. The author, who is a well-known award-winning author in China, supposedly Deep Lay the Dead This is a decent but familiar and unremarkable murder mystery, the kind in which an odd assortment of people are trapped together in a house, not knowing which of them is the killer.

In this case, they Delicious Rivers This collage of absurd and entertaining scenes at a NYC post office and the music and choreography to which they are performed were all inspired by the mathematics of Penrose Tilings. In particular, A Deprogrammer's Tale This spoof presents the attempts of math professors to convince students to become math majors and the subsequent interest of those students in math as if it were a religious cult.

Told from the point Perutz' protagonist is called Georges Durval, he lives at the beginning Although there is only a short discussion of mathematics, I had to include it because it is just too interesting that this is not only one of the oldest science-fiction stories but moreover the fact that A Desirable Middle In this story which appeared in the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, a recently divorced woman contemplates her own tastes in things and seems especially concerned with the aspect ratios of the objects The Devil a Mathematician Would Be This clever short story that captures the feeling of a math problem that "gets under your skin" was printed in The Mathematical Magpie and was said to have been "collected" by A.

Well, I Mathematicians know the feeling of trying to prove something you really believe to be true, but has never been proven. There is pleasure in doing this, like solving a puzzle, but also frustration and The Devil and the Lady Although first published in , this humorous and beautifully worded play was written by the famous poet more than years earlier when he was less than 14 years old.

One character is a mathematician The Devil You Don't The devil who is not such a bad guy after all seeks help from a quantum physics expert to fight off some aliens who are not so evil either that happen to disrupt the "Randomness Field". This disruption Reclusive high school math teacher Tetsuya Ishigami is "devoted" to two things: his math research and his neighbor, Yasuko Hanaoka.

When Hanaoka and her daughter kill her abusive ex-husband, they are The Devouring Tide A Socratic dialogue is not Diamond Dogs This novella by a trained astrophysicist who has worked for the European Space Agency features an alien designed "death trap" that challenges people with difficult mathematical puzzles. In an interview, Diary of a Bad Year Coetzee has a Nobel Prize in literature and an undergraduate degree in mathematics University of Cape Town, It is therefore not too surprising to find him included in my list of mathematical Diaspora Highly Rated!

The same for me, though I was disappointed to see that it was Dichronauts The protagonist s in this story are symbiotic creatures who can only see in all directions when they work together because the laws of physics in their world have strange implications for the way that The Difference Engine Two of the innovators of the cyberpunk novel -- famous for showing how messed up the future will be because of technology -- turn everything around and show us instead how great the past would have been Digital Fortress In a final act of defiance, a young Japanese genius threatens to make public his "unbreakable code" if the NSA does not confess that it has been reading even encrypted e-mails.

The heroine of the story Dirac The protagonist tries to write a novel about the mathematician and physicist Paul Dirac. Excerpts from Dirac's works and Geoffrey A. Landis' novel "Ripples in the Dirac Sea" are implemented in the plot, so you can learn a lot about mathematics and quantum physics. As far as I know, this novel is currently only available in the original German. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Douglas Adams is best known for his wacky Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. But his two Dirk Gently novels, while maintaining Adams' characteristic high wackiness, also carry A Disappearing Number Highly Rated! Scenes of Srinivasa Ramanujan's collaboration with G. Hardy around the time of World War I are mixed in with modern storylines including an Indian physicist who has applied Ramanujan's work to String Disciple of the Masses It captures beautifully the sense of loss inherent in a centrally-directed and enforced revolution, with The Discovery of Heaven This novel is considered to be the magnum opus of one of the greats of Dutch postwar literature.

The Disposessed A utopian novel in which theories of time in mathematical physics "chronotopology", "sequency and simultaneity", "general temporal theories" play an important role. In brief, it is a gem of Distances Most members of Anasunya's species have "a gift". Since she has a gift of mathematics, she leaves her aquatic home and begins working at the Temple of Mathematical Arts. She has a gift that allows Distress Highly Rated! My friends and I are all in agreement on this one: this book starts out great at a mathematical physics conference where people are talking about the latest theories of quantum gravity but then it degenerates Divergence Set in the 23rd century, the nannying of humanity by government and computers is the cause of some discomfort and rebellion.

Division by Zero Highly Rated! Answers the question: what would happen if we found out that mathematics is inconsistent? This is a great piece of mathematical fiction. Thanks to Frank Chess who pointed it out to me.

Do the Math 2: The Writing on the Wall In this sequel to Do the Math: Secrets, Lies and Algebra, a middle school student who likes to think of things in terms of mathematical notation for example, calling her friend Miranda " m " because she Do the Math: A Novel of the Inevitable Do the Math: Secrets, Lies, and Algebra A math-loving eighth grader applies mathematical concepts to problems in her social life.

According to the book jacket, the author has a degree in mathematics and writes pieces for many periodicals The Dobie Paradox Another Professor Dobie mystery see also The Catalyst and The Mask of Zeus in which the so-called "Columbo with a chair in mathematics" solves the mystery of the murder of a young girl. There is less Doctor Who Episode: Logopolis This episode of the popular BBC show "Doctor Who" most famously the last episode featuring the fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker involves a city of whispering mathematicians whose computations keep Doctor Who: The Algebra of Ice It describes the attempted invasion of our universe by mathematical beings from another dimension.

Dream Killer (The Carter Aimes Series Book 1)

Doing our Babbage Domaine [Domain] This subtle, slow and depressing French film concerns the relationship between a homosexual teenager and his alcoholic aunt. Don Juan oder die Liebe zur Geometrie In this German play, sometimes presented in English translation as "Don Juan or the Love of Geometry", the famous lover explains to the audience that the other authors who have written about him have gotten it all wrong; it is mathematics and not women that he truly loves.

Donald in Mathmagic Land Highly Rated! Disney's Donald Duck takes an adventure to a land where mathematics "comes alive".

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Animated short. I used this video in my 6th grade classroom. The kids enjoyed watching This picture book describes the love story of two geometrical figures. It was also made into a cartoon by Chuck Jones available on YouTube. I have loved this book ever since my wonderful mathematical A Doubter's Almanac This literary novel follows the life of the fictional mathematical genius Milo Andret from his youth in Michigan, though his education at Berkeley and the winning of a Fields Medal as a Princeton math Dragon's Egg The Dreams in the Witch-House In this story, Walter Gilman, a mathematics graduate student at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Mass, rents a room in the famed haunted "Witch House" of Keziah Mason, a witch who legend says escaped Drode's Equations When this story takes place, the fictional "Drode's Equations" have been lost for so long that they have become practically mythological.

And so the historian protagonist is surprised to find them in Drop A mathematically talented high school student uses what appears to be psychic powers to beat the casinos in this novel for young adults. However, with the help of a math professor she begins to realize Drunkard's Walk A number theorist is suffering from frequent and inexplicable suicide attempts, the latest victim of a small epidemic among academia.

In between lectures on Pascal's triangle and the binomial theorem Dude, can you count?

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Utilizing the entertaining contrivance of an extraterrestrial who visits human math conferences to evaluate our intelligence, Constanda tells us what he thinks is wrong with math education today. Duke with Benefits Studies in Scandal A romance novel with a strong female lead, Lady Daphne Forsyth, who is a mathematician with some stereotypical anti-social traits.

She has been set the task of solving an old mystery by breaking a cipher. However, since this is a romance novel, she is unsurprisingly distracted by a certain hunky guy, the "duke" of the title, whose family owns the library containing the cipher. See the online bookreview at at MAA Online. E-Z Calculus [Calculus by Discovery] Echoes from the Past A young mathematics professor becomes involved in a mystery and a love affair when the identity of his true biological father is called into question. No mathematical ideas or results are discussed in Eifelheim Highly Rated!

In this award winning science fiction novel, Tom and Sharon have a lot in common. They share an apartment, both use sophisticated mathematics in their research, and both become completely obsessed with The Eight I have read it numerous times and it always gets better. Math plays an important part in this story and the connections made in the plot are fascinating. This book is an The Eighth Room The story forms part of the Xeelee-sequence of stories and novels.

In far distant future, the Xeelee decide to lock away the human race in a world hidden in hyperspace as the pale, atavistic remnants The Einstein Enigma An adventure novel whose MacGuffin is a proof of the existence of God, formulated and hidden by Albert Einstein. There is more talk than action, which may disappoint some readers. For those interested The Einstein See-Saw This is another of the hyperspace stories by Miles Breuer.