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He fully believes in me and I'm very grateful. Danny Rose looked likely to leave Tottenham in the summer. Truly a world of its own. Enjoy your trip there, Muri91, if you ever go. And you would be welcome to ping me for more specifics on tips and tricks for your itinerary planning.

It does, a little.

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It's all luck of the draw, after all, I just returned from a business trip in Yakutsk and the office I was at actually had a Jamaican woman working there who said she has had no problems at all there even though people ask what language they REALLY speak there lol. Again, the insularity of Chechnya is basically why the rest of Russia dislikes the area, particularly with what they are known to do in say Moscow which can involve, for example, firing guns in the middle of the city to celebrate weddings. This part of Russia is basically seen poorly by the rest of the country, which is actually partially where the racist attitudes of Russians can stem from as well.

Russians prefer to never discuss anything about it - it's the one topic that I can guarantee will cause a student of mine to divert away from, even if they are completely OK with LGBT people. Frankly, you're extremely unlikely to ever encounter any anti-LGBT things happening either, particularly in somewhere like Chechnya where they do it all undercover anyway. Fair enough. Your perspectives are valid. Still, I feel confident about my own assessment based soleley on travelling, since when I compare it to other countries also on the basis solely of travelling, I see the apples-to-apples comparison as good enough.

Also, since my travel experiences largely line up with actual reputations by natives or long-term residents of course, there are some surprising exceptions , I think I can still safely say that I found Russia to be far less racist that the majority of countries I have visited. Regarding the prejudice of ethnic Russians against Central Asians and Caucasians, yes, this appears to be well documented And I do not doubt that it happens and of course it's quite wrong!

Hello DukeTroy. I hope this message finds you well. First of all as being a Chechen I'd like to apologies for the bad experience you've had visiting Chechnya. It's always sad to hear such stories no matter where it happens , especially if it happens in your home country.

Channel 4’s My Last Summer was heartbreaking but broke taboos surrounding terminal illness

I'm still trying to get my head around this. When reading your post time to time I was wondering is it really Chechnya you've visited or perhaps you've managed to cross the portal and visited other dimension Anyway I won't try to justify the behavior of some of the individuals you've met individuals I say because they don't represent all Chechens and I truly apologies for this but maybe I would like to point out few things in order to soften your "'hit the wall'' experience. To be completely honest I didn't manage to find the Part 2 so I only read Part 1 and will talk only about Part 1.

First of all you use a lot of time expression ''throwing stones or being stoned''. I'd like to clear this and hope that you use this expression as a metaphor and I hope you have not been physically hurt by people throwing stones at you God forbid. As I read your post it seems like in major your experience let's call it suffering to be fair was related to being approached by different people or bringing the attention.

I would personally see here not even cultural or racist issue as more language history. Again they should not be shouting out words on person they don't know but I would like to highlight that it didn't have to mean they were racist.

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After war lot's of people suffered and still suffer deceases they can't explain perhaps chemical weapons during the war, who knows? Well I'm not sure who was your contact but let me explain the ''blade thing''. So now days it's considered to an art not Brooklyn usage as seen in Hollywood movies. So I would assume your contact didn't have a proper dagger an art piece to give you as a present so in his thoughts that he gives honorable gift handed the switchblade which you threw away.

Last but not least not sure what was your initial drive or push visiting Chechnya but from your post it sounded like you were going to Chechnya prepared that you'll have to fight back and run etc. General rule I always remember anywhere I go if I smile, people will smile back because smile is contagious.

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In the end I still hope there will be a lot of future opportunities for you to meet Chechens and perhaps Chechnya in completely opposite way you did so far. I apologies again and wish you and everyone reading this post all the best. Please sign in to reply to this topic. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. No worries.

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