Sustainability: Building Eco-Friendly Communities (Green Technology)

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The early 21st century may someday be looked upon as a pivotal point in the Earth's history. At its most dramatic, this era might someday be thought of as the beginning of the end.

Going Green: Eco-Friendly Home Building Tips

The present decade marks a milestone in which the majority of people in industrialized nations and a large portion of people in the developing world are now feeling the effects of too many humans, too much waste, and the disappearance of plant and animal species faster than at any other time in history.

Opening with a chapter describing the ecosystem of humans, animals, plants, and other life, this new full-color guide provides an overview of ecology and the philosophy of living for the environment rather than taking from it.

Green building practices

It goes on to explore some places in the world that have started making changes in order to live in a sustainable way as well as some new materials that conserve natural resources. Anne Maczulak, Ph. She completed her undergraduate and master's studies at Ohio State University and earned her doctorate from the University of Kentucky.

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She has authored peer-reviewed journal articles and technical reports and has served on corporate microbiology committees. Maczulak has given presentations to national environmental health associations as well as workshops on surface water.

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Ensuring people are comfortable in their everyday environments, creating the right indoor temperature through passive design or building management and monitoring systems. Keeping our environment green Recognising that our urban environment should preserve nature, and ensuring diverse wildlife and land quality are protected or enhanced, by, for example, remediating and building on polluted land or creating new green spaces.

Looking for ways we can make our urban areas more productive, bringing agriculture into our cities.

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Creating resilient and flexible structures Adapting to our changing climate, ensuring resilience to events such as flooding, earthquakes or fires so that our buildings stand the test of time and keep people and their belongings safe. Designing flexible and dynamic spaces, anticipating changes in their use over time, and avoiding the need to demolish, rebuild or significantly renovate buildings to prevent them becoming obsolete.

Ensuring transport and distance to amenities are considered in design, reducing the impact of personal transport on the environment, and encouraging environmentally friendly options such as walking or cycling.

Considering all stages of a building's life-cycle Seeking to lower environmental impacts and maximise social and economic value over a building's whole life-cycle from design, construction, operation and maintenance, through to renovation and eventual demolition. Ensuring that embodied resources, such as the energy or water used to produce and transport the materials in the building are minimised so that buildings are truly low impact.