The Last Moonwalker and Other Stories

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This episode marked the beginning of the use of deep pools to train future explorers, placing them in an environment that mimicked the challenges of working in space. Godspeed the crew of Apollo Continue or Give a Gift.

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The 12 Moonwalkers: Where Are They Now? Apollo 11 Anniversary - ABC News

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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Let’s Play Ep. 1 - Super Beard Bros.

Overview The Last Moonwalker - In the near future, as human explorers prepare to take the first voyage to the Moon in decades, Charles Gerald, the last Apollo Moonwalker, lends his advice to the crew of the expedition as he wrestles with his own legacy. The First Woman on the Moon - Set in the same universe as Children of Apollo, Wendy Pendleton, who will fly on the mission of Apollo 23, remembers the cost of becoming the first woman on the Moon. Two Old Men - Two retired politicians, in the same universe as Children of Apollo, face a deadly disease a treatment for which was developed in space.

Witnessing Apollo - The flight of Apollo 11 helps an alien visitor decide the fate of the Earth,. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Mark R. Whittington is a writer and computer analyst residing in Houston, Texas. In his time he has ridden a camel in the shadow of the Great Pyramid, floated down the Grand Canal of Venice and down a Norwegian fjord, walked in the footsteps of Shakespeare and Churchill, and has witnessed people rocketing into space. One of his ambitions is to see with his own eyes Earth rising above the horizon of the Moon. Average Review.

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