The Young Girl’s Astrological Dating Guide - Unlock the Secrets of Your Boyfriend’s Heart

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Ask her what's her favorite restaurant and take her there. Then out to a movie of her choice. Keep it simple and keep it real. The main thing is you guys are together. What is this?

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We both have shared our most intimate secrets, and we have complete trust. Maybe she has been burned a few times. Capricorn women are skeptical; it takes time for them to let their guard down, unless their feelings are strong. She seems to value your friendship. Keep taking things slow, don't rush her or come on too strong, that will turn her off. Keep beings friends and let everything play out. Can a leo be compatible with Capricorn women? I am a Capricorn woman attracted to a Cancer man.

Is it going to work? As a Capricorn woman, I feel like my secrecy and emotional barrier requires too much efforts for anyone to try and go through them. My mother is the closest person to me, but even though I love her, I still feel like this feeling of loneliness in my mind is never going to go away, my question is: is it going to last forever? That depends on you and if you are willing to allow people to cross that barrier.

Its okay to trust people but you have to be cautious. Cap's have a problem of going in too deep or not deep enough and you need to find a middle ground you can be comfortable with. Your mother may be the closest person to you but she won't be here forever and you need a fulfilling life that's shared with someone you can be happy with. Just a note of caution. When you start to date look past a person's words and judge more by their actions.

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Cap's can be fooled by sweet words and by the time we find out they're not as reliable as they appeared, we're usually in too deep. When it comes to love, I find men with water signs overly dramatic, men with fire signs too impulsive, and men with air signs bring players. When it comes to men with earth signs, there is never enough spark.

I feel in love with a few air signs, but they have all broken my trust. Do you have any advice for improving a Capricorn's love life?

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I find water signs such as pieces and cancer too emotional. I love the fact that's most are very artistic and go-getters but I find them to be a bit wishy-washy which will not sit well the Cap, who craves independence and needs people who are dependable. Fire signs such as Leo's, Aries and Sag's, are signs that I have a lot of respect for.

I love their confidence and their style. Unfortunately, they can be attention seekers which will eventually wear on a Cap whose mind is more on making money than catering to people.

2. He needs your respect.

Earth signs can be boring but they are the most stable in love and finance. My advice is to find a stable earth sign and create your own spark. I'm dating a Capricorn female, and I'm a Taurus Male we have been dating for around six months we were talking about marriage, and now she's suddenly gone cold speaking very briefly via text to busy to meet up I believe I messed up on her birthday by not making enough effect any advice? Your friend may feel by not taking enough effect, means she's not important to you.

You may have to explain your reasons and be honest.

Teeth or tooth dreams.

Whether it was financial or other reasons come clean. Caps, are understanding but they cannot tolerate neglect or disrespect. I am a Scorpio, and I have a crush on a Capricorn girl. I am a shy person. We are just friends and we talk sometimes, will it be possible for me to date her? I don't know how she feels about me. Capricorns and Scorpio's are compatible. Your crush is probably shy as well.

Somehow, you must build up the courage to make the first move. Don't believe for a moment that she is not aware that you have a crush on her because women, especially Capricorn women are intuitive. My Scorpio started off as my best friend and then we dated for years. We are no longer dating, however, our relationship has outlasted all my other relationships and to this day he is my best friend.

I personally have not found myself compatible, as far as a long-term relationship. Although, I have had really good, short-term relationships. Keep in mind that someone's sign can give you insight into their character but never use horoscopes as your ultimate source. Get to know the person and take things slow. As a Capricorn woman, I only dated one Libra that I knew of and it didn't work. The Libra man I dated seemed cunning and deceiving and that didn't sit well with this Cap who can be suspicious. My opinion is to not arouse her suspicious nature by trying too hard; Cap's like to know what they are getting into.

Mind you, that was just one experience and my opinion.

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If you are attracted to a Cap, my advice is to be yourself and don't be "too charming. I am in love with a Capricon woman. I have given her all my support, treat her how she wants to be treated but she doen't show any interest in being in love with me or, even giving me any hope at all. She's asking me to give her more time and its been almost a year since I have known her. I'm wondering whether to hold on to her or to give up on her?

I'm a Capricorn woman and have never been in a relationship prior to the one I'm in now. My "boyfriend" is also a Capricorn.

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I don't have any other relationships to compare this to so I'm stuck. Do you have any Capricorn and Capricorn relationship advice? Or just relationship advice in general? If it is broke try talking to your partner about your concerns. Caps can be distracted and inattentive he may appear to be ignoring your needs but Cap's can be self-centered.

What you have in common is you're both intellects if you talk to him in a calm voice he will hear you. If you've tried all that and he still isn't making more of an effort then maybe you should take a break and explore other options. This is your first relationship, no one else to compare it to. Cap women love to be wined and dined and can be attracted to men who are wild, spontaneous and fun. Sometimes that comes with a price if you are sacrificing, loyalty, stability, and faithfulness over a whim.

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When I dated a Cap, and I'm in a relationship with one now, He is a hard worker and a bit insensitive in understanding how important quality time is to nurture our relationship. As a Cap woman, I understand his nature but as a woman its a bit hard to take. I decided to find something to do to keep me busy because, in the end, he is who he is. I don't know your situation but the grass is hardly ever greener on the other side; and whatever you do don't cheat because if you realize you made a mistake the unforgiving Cap won't take you back.

If he does the trust issues he will have will eventually drive you two back apart. I'm a divorced Capricorn woman dating a divorced Capricorn man.