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Capture The Crown - To Whom It May Concern

Ask the seller a question. Another year in the books Collecting Disneyana Welcome to the wonderful world of collecting Walt Disney! A special order item has limited availability and the seller may source this title from another supplier. In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description. Our Day return guarantee still applies. Yeah, right. So — but it was like junior high school kind of days, so 13 or 14, somewhere in there.

Like, a child. I kind of already knew that I was different in some way. The world of, you know, a few miles. That — you know, he was elevated like that. Please meet Winifred Quinn, a patient and board member with Whitman-Walker. She envisions a future Whitman-Walker where LGBTQ families can come in for healthcare whether for the parents, grandparents or children!

I was in New York City in graduate school. It was so scary at that time. Things like that are really basic, but I was trying to build a sense of Whitman-Walker as a sanctuary, as a safe haven. The neighborhood has changed significantly, but it will continue to take care of people. We need to think like that for east of the river. I give him a lot of credit. He always had from the day he was born. Born in Nigeria, raised in DC and educated in Maryland; Adisa is a natural leader and advocate for his community.

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He strives to make every client and patient visit a memorable experience with only the highest of customer service. Click the orange play button below to hear Randy's oral history - a recorded interview with an individual having personal knowledge of past events.

I would never make it. That people kept their shirts on. And I remember with my friend — I pulled off my shirt.

The Search for Affection

We can live despite it. Randy at Pride Womxn's Party. It was funny, because I — well, not funny. There were two incredible moments. And — and it was getting tighter and tighter, and it was just looking me right in the face. I have to pray for Bruce.

Like, and I knew it was you. Randy at the Capital Pride Parade. After years of volunteering and demonstrating leadership, Bianca serves as chair of the Capital Trans Pride planning committee.

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As part of Whitman-Walker's 40th anniversary, officially January 13, , we're sharing 40 stories to help tell the narrative of Whitman-Walker in community. In , Barbara worked with the Washington Free Clinic. Click the orange play button below to hear Barbara's August 17, oral history - a recorded interview with an individual having personal knowledge of past events.


I spent time up there. It was the beginning of feminism; the second wave of feminism — the first being the Suffragettes. He was really encouraging me to be a feminist, and he was suggesting that I start doing some reading. So, that had a big influence on me. So, the free clinics started. Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco was the very first one. So, they started a similar thing in Washington at this church.

When they had this community meeting, I went. This was my first awareness. I was still working there full-time. We had these real huge award dinners that were at hotels.

To Whom It May Concern

This was like at the Washington Hilton. But there was a lot at the Omni Sheraton. Certainly there were straight women that were being infected, but not lesbians. So, no money was coming in, really, for lesbian health and issues like that. We actually got to give a little speech. I think transgender has kind of moved to the top of the food chain type thing.

That is what I would say to that. But, HIV is always at the top. Gerard continues to volunteer his time and mentorship. But a small club, small dance floor, hot as hell. So, what seemed to be annoying to me now, was not, you know. I worked at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Mark IV, Mark V. I think Mark IV. This is how big disco was. They had noon-day disco. Do you hear me? Disco was, oh, gosh, dis — you would go, and buy an outfit.

See a Problem?

You would start disco-ing actually, from Thursday until Sunday. That was with a group of friends. Not only that, you would pick out your outfits. You planned what you were going to wear, you know. You know, when it became, I guess, full-blown or whatever when it started invading the USA. I was very afraid, because nobody knew how you would catch it, you know? They just know people had it. It was a very bad look, because I forgot what they called it when you would see the spots. Gerard is celebrated for his 15 years of volunteer service at Whitman-Walker Health.

And at that time, it was a death sentence, you know. It was right, it had to be the Austin Center where they did their testing.

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So, I went in, got tested, but I never went back to get my results. Just go on in, see your result. You can put the blame wherever you want, but the blame lies with whom? You can blame the other person all you want, but ultimately, you had the choice to use protection.